Released projects

Feature film SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY, duration 79 min, for children 4-7 years old. Directed by Catti Edfeldt and written/co-directed by Lena Hanno Clyne, based on the popular children's book by Pija Lindenbaum. World premiere at Berlinale 2016, opening film of Generation Kplus. Sales agent SF International.

Projects in production

  • LIFE-GIVER - Animated VR-film for young adults and adults, duration 10 minutes, by Petter Lindblad & Alexander Rönnberg. Release Q4 2019.
Projects in development

We're currently developing several projects, all for the children and youth segment, both TV-content and feature films.

  • MINI ZLATAN AND UNCLE DARLING - Feature film for family audiences by Ella Lemhagen, written by Ella Lemhagen and Janne Vierth. Based on the book LILL-ZLATAN OCH MORBROR RARING by Pija Lindenbaum.
  • AMARGI - Supernatural thriller series for young adults, written by and based on the books by Pascale Vallin Johansson. Director Daniel Di Grado.
  • THE RETURN - Horror feature film for young adults, written by Gustav Tegby, directed by Emnet Mulugeta.
  • TBA - Animated feature film for young children.
  • TBA - Live action/CGI adventure feature film for family audiences.