An animated film written and directed by Maria Avramova.

Swedish cinema release February 26, 2016
We're happy to announce that Folkets Bio will distribute LEA & THE FOREST PIRATES in cinemas across Sweden from February 26.

Find a cinema and screening time near you here: Folkets Bio

Lea, 7, sets out on a journey into the woods to find her lost baby brother, Jonas.
On her way she meets three tiny wormlike creatures, who claim to be Forest Pirates.
Together they set out on a quest to find Jonas and recover the Pirates' stolen treasure map. They fight the evil snake, Roach, meet the scientist Mr. Budnikov, find Jonas and even get an addition to Captain Bik´s army - a big and kind troll.

Lea and The Forest Pirates is a little girl's adventure set up in the fairytale world of the nordic forest.

The film was produced within Moving Sweden, a collaboration between The Swedish Film Institute, SVT and the Swedish regional funds.

For international sales, please send an email to contact@snowcloud.se. The film will be ready for delivery in february 2015.

Below are stills from the film's universe, showing the technique and quality of the film.