About the company

Swedish production company focusing on projects for children and youths, mainly animation. Specializing in low-cost, lean productions with high quality screen results. Own projects with Swedish directors as well as co-producing internationally.

We also do consulting for other companies as a producer, in financing, production setup, technical supervision etc, as well as hold courses in production planning and budgeting.

The company was founded in 2014 by producer Petter Lindblad, formerly full-time producer at Copenhagen Bombay for over seven years and before then he worked at Zentropa. He built the Swedish branch for Copenhagen Bombay in 2010 and ran it since then on behalf of the Danish owners.


Besides being an animation studio, Snowcloud also offers its services as a consultant for other companies, acting as producer, technical pre-production and supervision, financing strategies, teaching etc.

Contact us and hear what we can offer you on contact@snowcloud.se.

Clients, a selection below

  • Cartoon Network & Sun Creature Studios, Denmark, producer
  • LEE Film Stockholm, Stockholm, producer & line producer
  • Auto Images, Malmö, Sweden, consultant
  • Anagram, Malmö, Sweden, consultant
  • Copenhagen Bombay, Sweden/Denmark, producer
  • Meindbender Animation Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden, consultant
  • Nimbus Film, Copenhagen, Denmark, consultant
  • Teaching production planning and budgeting of animation
    • Nackademin, Stockholm, Sweden
    • The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark
    • Animation Sans Frontieres
    • Högskolan Väst, Trollhättan, Sweden
    • Campus i12, Eksjö, Sweden
  • Teaching development from ideas into business in animation
    • Campus i12, Eksjö, Sweden
  • REX Animation Festival, Stockholm, Sweden, speaker

Petter Lindblad filmography

Petter Lindblad has an MSc in Media Production from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden (2000) and a Master in European Audio Visual Management from Media Business School in Spain (2006).

He started working in the film industry at Zentropa in Denmark, where he then was recruited to Copenhagen Bombay in 2007. There he mainly worked with animation projects as producer and later starting the Swedish branch CB Sverige that he ran 2011-2014 for the Danish owners.

He is currently working on projects in his own company and for LEE Film Stockholm.


  • MINI-ZLATAN & UNCLE DARLING (feature film), dir: Christian Lo. Co-producing with Viking Film (NL) and Filmbin (NO). 2022
  • LIFE-GIVER (animated VR-film, 12 min), dir: Petter Lindblad & Alexander Rönnberg. 2020
  • LOS BANDO (feature film), dir: Christian Lo. Main producer Filmbin (NO) in co-production with Original Film (NO) and Snowcloud Films (SE). 2018
  • SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY (feature film), dir: Catti Edfeldt & Lena Hanno Clyne. Co-producing with Viking Film (NL). 2016
  • LEA & THE FOREST PIRATES (animated film 28,5 min), dir: Maria Avramova. 2015


  • THE APE STAR (animated feature film), dir: Linda HAmbäck. Co-producing with Norlum (DK) and Mikrofilm (NO). 2020


  • THE HEROIC QUEST OF THE VALIANT PRINCE IVANDOE (animated series, 10 x 3 min), dir: Christian Boving-Andersen & Ewa Lee Wallberg. Part of producer duo with Charlotte de la Gourniere, produced for Cartoon Network. 2017


  • THE GOLDEN HORSE (animated feature film), dir: Reinis Kalnaellis & Valentas Askinis. Main producer Rija Films (LV) in co-production with Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU), Vilanima Studios (LT), Copenhagen Bombay (DK). 2014
  • BEYOND BEYOND (animated feature film), dir: Esben Toft Jacobsen. 2014
  • DOXWISE NORDIC (web-series, 220 x 5 min), dir:Gabriela Pichler/Johan Lundborg (SE), Ina Lindgreen (DK), Lowree Rees (NO), Hamy Ramezan (FI), Herbert Sveinbjörnsson (IS)
  • THE SECRET OF THE ICEFLOWER (animated film 28,5 min), dir: Jacob Ley. 2011
  • THE GREAT BEAR (animated feature film), dir: Esben Toft Jacobsen. 2011
  • HOMESICK/KLUTZ (animated shortfilm, 5 min), dir: Anders Morgenthaler. 2010
  • THE APPLE & THE WORM (animated feature film), dir: Anders Morgenthaler. Co-producing with Garage Film (SE). 2009
  • BOGUS & HUMBUG (animated series, 50 x 1 min), dir: Jacob Ley. 2009

Assistant Producer ZENTROPA

  • THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (feature film), dir: Nikolaj Arcel. 2007