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December 2, 2018

Since 2017 the European Animation Awards - The Emile Awards - exists to showcase and
award European animation on a similar level as the Annies in the US.

This year no less than four awards were given to the Cartoon Network original series THE
HEROIC QUEST OF THE VALIANT PRINCE IVANDOE by directors Christian Bøving-Andersen
and Eva Lee Wallberg. The series was produced at Sun Creature Studios by Charlotte de la
Gournerie and Petter Lindblad, hired out from Snowcloud Films.

- Best directors in a TV series: Eva Lee Wallberg and Christian Bøving-Andersen
- Best Character Animation: Henrik Sønniksen, Tina Lykke Thornn and Mikkel Vedel
- Best Storyboard in TV series: Kenneth Ladekjaer and Eva Lee Wallberg 
- Best Background and Character Design: Birk Von Brockdorff and Mikkel Sommer 


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