Los Bando

Project info
World premiere, Berlinale 2016, Belgian premiere 14/9, Swedish premiere, 30/9, Netherlands premiere 12/10
Christian Lo
Arild Tryggestad
Trine Aadalen Lo (NO), Nicholas Sando (NO)
Co producers:
Mona Steffensen (NO, Petter Lindblad (SE)
94 min
Adventure, comedy, family, music
Target audience:
9-14 year olds
In't sales:
The two best friends, Grim and Axel, have ever since they were eight been dreaming about attending the annual Norwegian Championships of Rock. Together they have a band – Los Bando Immortale, but they lack a bass player, and Axel the vocalist and lead guitarist can't sing. Grim hasn't had the heart to tell him yet, but when they get accepted to the National Championships of Rock, Grim needs to find a solution – quickly. They hold an audition, but have no luck finding a suitable band member, so they have to let nine- year-old Thilda become their bass player – on cello. As their designated driver they assign the local rally talent, Martin. What they don't know is that he doesn't have a driver's license. They embark on a crazy journey across Norway. With the police and the parents chasing them, this will be a race against the clock to get to Tromsø in time for the event of their lifetime. Los Bando is a feelgood comedy about music and friendship.
World premiere February 2018 - Berlinale Generation
The film was selected for the Berlinale Generation section in 2018. It later received an European Film Award nomination - Young Audience Award. Los Bando is a feelgood comedy about music and friendship.
Snowcloud Films was the Swedish co-producer on this film.

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