Project info
Christian Lo
Ella Lemhagen, Janne Vierth, Sara Sjöö
Petter Lindblad, Sara Sjöö
Co producers:
Nicholas Sando (NO), Marleen Slot (NL)
81 min
Comedy, family
Target audience:
5-9 year olds
In't sales:
Skoop Media
People do not fit together, especially not Ella. She only fits with one person and that is Tommy, her favorite uncle and BFF. Ella looks forward to spending a week with him when her parents go on vacation. But the dream week that Ella has envisioned turns into a disastrous nightmare when Steve shows up. He is Tommy’s new boyfriend from the Netherlands! Ella doesn’t understand a word they say, as they only speak English with each other. She feels left out and fears that she will lose Tommy. In a rage of jealousy Ella concocts all sorts of creative schemes to get rid of Steve, and to win back her best friend. To her aid comes Otto, a new boy in Ella’s class who’ll do anything to become her friend.
World premiere March 2022 - BUFF
The film had it's first screening as the opening film at BUFF in Malmö, followed by its national cinema release in Sweden the week after. It was also the opening film in Barnefilmfestivalen in Norway April 2022, followed by its national cinema release in Norway the week after. In the autumn of 2022 the film is touring a lot of festivals, and was just announced as the opening film at the Vienna International Children's Film Festival in November.

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